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History of the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium

Building a school was first planned in 1904, which was finished only one year later. 1906 it was inducted by the duke Ernst von Sachsen-Anhalt as “Herzog-Ernst-Schule”.
After 12 years it was renamed “Friedrich-Schiller-Schule”.
The quotation “It is not possible for me to keep something imperfect, when I know that I can make it better” by the poet Friedrich Schiller, has been regarded as the schools maxim ever.
Between 1918 and 1940 it was a girls school and by the end of World War II the school was partly used as a military hospital.
In 1948, Eisenberg reorganized its schools into an eastern and a western part, which were supposed to be coeducational. One year later the building changed into a comprehensive school and in 1956 into a secondary school. Four years later it became a general-education grammar school until in 1991, it finally turned into what we today know as the national “Friedrich- Schiller – Gymnasium”.


Our school offers many different subjects to choose from.
From 5th to 10th grade you are required to take almost all 16 classes including:
- German
- Mathematics
- English
- Chemistry
- Physics
- History
- Art
- Music
- Geography
- Economics & Law
- Social Studies
- Ethics or Religious Education
- Biology
- French/Latin/Russian
- PE

Additional subjects are Astronomy and Information Technology Basics.

For the last two years of school (11th and 12th grade), students are able to choose 2 requirements and 8 or 9 electives for their A-levels.
When choosing subjects their requirements have to be either German or Math and one other main subject (English, Physics, History, Biology, Chemistry).
For their electives they can pick 8 or 9 out of the subjects listed above concerning some given rules.