The Friedrich- Schiller- Gymnasium

General information

Welcome to our Friedrich- Schiller- Gmynasium in Eisenberg!
When you come to our school you will have a great experience. Every morning we start at 7.40 am and normally finish at 2.25 pm. In that time we have different subjects with different teachers.
Between the lessons we have breaks from 10 up to 30 minutes, this depends on the time of the day. One lesson has a time of 45 minutes.
After nearly every lesson we have to change the rooms because for all the subjects we have different floors or better to say things like biology, chemistry are one floor but German and History are in another part of the school building.
At our school are about 950 pupils you can meet and who are interested in meeting you.
Of course learning is the most important thing and so you also have to pass some examinations. In the 10th class you have to do one that is necessary to go on at school and in the 12th class you pass the A- level.

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